About the author

This blog has been written since April 13, 2006(Japanese local time) by Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota, a die-hard promoter of complementary currency systems. He’s also a member of Social Money workshop (http://money.socioeco.org/) where you can read some articles written by him.  He plans to post articles once a week and your frequent visit to this blog will be appreciated.

E-mail: mig@olccjp.net


5 responses to “About the author

  1. Vi sua mensagem na lista de Economia Solidária, BR. Trabalho na América Latina, do Norte e Caribe com PROUT (Teoria da Utilização Progressiva), http://proutworld.org
    Bem interessante este blog. Você aplica sistemas monetários complementares no Japão ou outra parte da Ásia?

  2. Javier Romero

    Very good article!
    Could you please include my mail in your contact list?

  3. Hello, Miguel,
    great job!! Many thanks!!

    Here is a small correction: Frank Jansky, who did the session on the Regiogeld initiatives, is the chairman of the Regiogeld Verband e.V., not the initiator of the “Sterntaler”. The Sterntaler was created by Franz Galler.

    Roland Spinola

  4. Miguel, el enlace a http://money.socioeco.org/ ya no funciona. Quizás habría que actualizarlo. Saludos desde Galicia.

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